my work: Thilo Nawrocki Part | Titus Düsseldorf

This is the new Clip of Thilo, which i edited and did some additional filming. Editing and filming skateboarding is why i became an editor, and it’s still the best to do in this job. Enjoy the ride!

Song: The Swinging Party :……

filmed by:
Denito Tru
Simon Klinkertz

edit & additional filming: Pascal Wiens

45 years old and still ripping every pool and concrete park in sight – Thilo Nawrocki has been skating longer than many skaters have been alive! Thilo is a father of two and shop manager of Titus Düsseldorf. Regardless, he has still found the time in the last year to put together this super gnarly part. Featuring fast bowl lines with some surprisingly tech skills on the street course, hopefully we’ll be seeing even more parts from him when he reaches 50 years old!

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